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The Business of Graphic Design is an online resource that provides a diverse collection of interviews, information, and perspectives informed by decades of industry experience and years of academic study. It’s a collection of business tools and resources as well as reading materials and interviews with some of the most successful names in the industry.

Over the coming months we will be releasing articles and chapters on all the essential aspects of starting and operating your own graphic design business. In addition to the text, you will find links to valuable online resources and downloadable forms, templates, and tools that will help designers keep track of time and finances, manage growth, discover opportunities, and much more.

We will also be releasing transcripts and videos of the interviews we conducted, as part of our research, with some of the most successful and influential designers in the field. Designers who have enjoyed a long track record of success with enterprise level clients and global brands as well as newcomers who have worked hard to make their mark in the industry and establish a successful business of their own.


About the Authors

Ed Gold, award-winning designer and author, former executive vice-president of one of the largest design firms in the country, and college professor emeritus at The University of Baltimore. He wrote the first edition of The Business of Graphic Design back in 1986. The book was the first of its kind and included interviews with some of the most famous and influential graphic designers of the day. The book was a great success and remains a valuable and relevant resource for sound and relatable business advice. Ed brings to this project his timeless business sense and 40+ years of experience and success in the field.


Joe Fioramonti, has designed for national and international clients. He has a 10 year track record of success and recognition for his design work primarily in the tech industry in and around the San Francisco Bay area. He is currently a professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine FL and is owner of the firm, DarkSquare. Joe brings a unique futurist perspective to the project informed by his work with and for various emerging tech companies and his work with artists and theorists that explore emerging technologies and their impact on the human experience.

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